Warriors are masters of melee combat, specializing in the use of the Great Sword and Twin Blades.

 Twin Blades - These smaller swords are designed to attack quickly, dealing multiple blows to the enemy in the time that a single, larger sword could be swung. Twin Blades excel at offense by sacrificing some defensive aspects.

Great Sword - A large sword wielded with two hands. The Great Sword is slower than Twin Blades, but its attacks are powerful. Great Sword wielders gain defensive power by utilizng the size of their weapon.


Warriors specialize in the use of Heavy Armor. This armor provides the most defense of any armor type in Sevencore. Warriors cannot utilize Light or Medium armor.


Warrior skills are broken into three categories: Common, Twin Blades, and Great Swords.

  • Common - These are skills which are learned naturally as a Warrior attacks his enemies.
  • Twin Blade - These skills can be learned from Skillbooks and can only be used when you equip Twin Blades.
  • Great Sword - These skills can be learned from Skillbooks and can only be used when you equip a Great Sword.

Classes Warrior Skills

Notes: It's important that players thoroughly read skill descriptions before they place any Skill Points into the skill. Skills can only be reset through rare and valuable items.

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