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Disclaimer: Not all turtles are treasure turtles.

Out of all of the monsters you battle, one is a clear cut above the rest. This is, of course, the Treasure Turtle. One of Sevencore's best well-known secrets, this elusive monster can only be found in select locations, identified by its glowing aura! Why would you want one? Because it holds very valuable treasures inside!


  • Gold
  • Soulite
  • Rare/elite gems
  • turtle tickets
  • mana/health potions/food
  • random armor/weapons

What do they look like?Edit

Treasure turtles are very small turtles that glow either red, green or yellow, and they have a very good tendency to hide in grass, unless you get lucky and it's as plain as day ;D.

Where can I find one?Edit

It's a secret where they are, and it's no fair to other players to just give out the desinations. Keep a personal map, ask your friends, but they're called treasure for a reason. 


When you are looking for treasure turtles, you have to look everywhere on all maps. You can get gold from treasure turtles, AS LONG as you are within 4 levels of that turtle. If not, then it will only give you soulite and gems (etc), but thats still a pretty good barin. There is always 1 on each map, and they get harder and harder to kill over time.Let's say if a level 20 were to try to kill a level 60 treasure turtle, it could take over an hour,bacause the Turtle dodge is so high, and at that level, your accuracy is low.