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Square Guard Commander


Square Guard Commander




9 Coppercoin


Take the guided tour and speak with Commander Elroq.


Well, if you're going to be staying a while you might as well learn more about Delos and the best way to learn about Delos is to take a quick tour over it!


All right, let's start the tour. Hold on tight, don't be afraid to open your eyes, you'll want to see this.

Below you is the Delos Port. Delos used to be a small harbor village, but as trade flourished, it began to grown into the city it is today. It's been 430 years since Delos was considered a village. We are heading over the world famous Delos Hotels which host tourist and traders from around the world.

The freight that is unloaded at the port is transported to the Business Quarter to be sold and traded. If you're looking for weapons, armor, or raw materials the Business Quarter is where you can find it. You can also access the Auction House and Storage Warehouse from the Business Quarter.

Up next is the Military Quarter. Before you head out into the wild you should be sure to visit the experts here. Delos offers some of the best training available for Warriors and Gunners in the Military Quarter.

Up next is the tallest building in Delos. This is the Civil Quarter, it's where the nobles and politicians of Delos meet to make decisions. If you make or join a Guild, you can access your Guild's Warehouse here. If you prove yourself worthy you may even be called on to perform important tasks for the nobles of Delos.

Our final sight is the Delos Museum. It houses many artifacts and also acts as the cities library. Some of Inadar's most valuable artifacts and books are safely secured here. If you're seeking knowledge, the Museum should be your first stop, especially if you're interested in being a Magician.

Well, that's the quick tour of Delos. It may look small from the back of a Dragon but you'll find everything you could possibly need and more here. Be sure to take some time and look around for yourself, especially in the areas that suit your interest.


Well? What did you think?


You will receive:

  • 9 Coppercoin