What are Mounts?Edit


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Mounts are creatures or vehicles you obtain through your travels in Sevencore. They serve a variety of functions including fighting alongside you, transportation, and mounted combat.


Mounts can be broken down into 3 major categories:

  • Attack Oriented
  • Defense Oriented
  • Movement Oriented

Mounts in each of these categories will receive a small bonus to their stats reflecting their category.

 Your First MountEdit

Players will receive their first mount shortly after completing Lost Island at roughly level 10-12. You’ll receive your first mount by completing the quest 'Moth Eradication' from Plains Guard Varis. You can choose between a Bugger, a Boar, or take a chance with the Beast Egg Box for a chance to receive a Yllib. 

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Mounts can be ridden when they reach maturity at level 10.

Finding More MountsEdit

So you've got your first mount, now how do you get more? There are three ways to get new mounts:


  1. Quest – Some quests will offer mounts as a reward.
  2. World Bosses – These powerful creatures spawn randomly across certain zones and have a chance to drop Eggs which can be hatched into mounts.
  3. Item Shop – Mounts will be periodically available through the Item Shop that include 30 days of automatic looting and gathering.

Elite MountsEdit

What's an Elite Mount? These are mounts which are more powerful than regular mounts. Elite Mounts can be identified by their blue item names as well as a blue glow surrounding their icon. Elite Mounts receive an ‘Option’ or bonus stat and have a different physical appearance from regular mounts.

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Above, you can see the normal mount (this mount is called a Yllib) on the left, and you can see an Elite Yllib on the right.

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If an item is elite, including mounts, then it will look the lame as a normal item, but be surrounded in blue, and have a blue title (as shown on the right)!