Magicians are conduits to the magic of Inadar, wielding the power to both create and destroy.

 Wand - Specializing in quick attacks, damage over time spells, area of effect, and instant cast spells. Wands are the choice of every Magician who doesn't have the time to cast large spells.

Staff - These two handed weapon allow Magicians to channel the large amount of mana necessary to cast the most powerful of spells. Staff users focus on slower, more powerful spells than their Wand counterparts.


Magicians specialize in the use of Light Armor. Magicians cannot be burdened by the physical world when casting their powerful spells. Spells required focus that is difficult to obtain if you're exhausted from wearing Heavy Armor. 


Mage skills are broken into three categories: Common, Wands, and Staffs.

  • Common - teleport, mana buff, silence, 
  • Wand - DOT, AOE's, Fear, Knockback, party buff(attck and def)
  • Staff - Skills with cast but deals solid damage, ice and lightning orbs, mana expansion
Classes Magician Skills

Notes: It's important that players thoroughly read skill descriptions before they place any Skill Points into the skill. Skills can only be reset through rare and valuable items.

List of SkillsEdit

Below is a list of all the mage skills, the minimum level, mana cost based on level, format aa/bb/cc/dd/ee if the max skill points invested are 5, type listed is what type of weapon is needed to use the skill.  The effect is listed 5th and the cooldown is listed at the end, note, that auto attack's cooldown is based on the weapon used. 

Todo:  update the list for each class.

Name: Level Mana Cost Type Effect Cooldown
Auto Attack 1 - C Does 100% weapon damage -
Wind Spear 2 C 2s