The Lost Island is the first area the player arrives in. It is the training ground for new recruits to join the war against the Amaad.


Lost Island was first discovered by the Einher while they were travelling at sea. Soon after the Einher inhabited the island, it transformed into a training camp for their own army. When the Amaad revolted against the Goldians, the Einher began training all races to help the Goldians fight back against the Amaad.


Lost Island is the first location you visit on your journey. You train yourself for battle against the Amaad and other beings in the world. Shortly before you arrive, the Amaad launch an assault on the airfield, the only way in or out of the island. Due to this, you crash land conveniently near your first trainer. After learning the basics and dealing with small threats, you are just about ready to reach the airfield. On your way to the airfield, your pet bat senses something amiss. It ends up uncovering the Amaad Spy responsible for planning the assault. After he is dispatched, you continue to the airfield to fight the Amaad invaders. When you finish pushing back the Amaad, your training is finally complete and you are sent to Delos.

Quests (Ordered Alphabetically)Edit

Amaad Assault
Auto Flier's Refuse
Auto Potion
Bugger's Range
Bugger Hunt
Crashed Recruit
Culinary Arts
Debugging Defense
Defeated Boar
Expedition Post
Invading Buggers
Lazy Good for Nothings!
Lazy Recruit
Lost Mutations
Missing Piece
Not a Complete Waste of Time
Parts Delivery
Progress Report
Raptor Hunt
Reactivated Defense
Report for Duty
Riding to Victory
Runway Secure
Salted Skins
Source of the Mutation
Status Report
Survival 101
Systems Online
Unveiling Spies
Up, Up and Away!
Warming Up
Welcome to Lost Island
Wild Challenge
Wounded Guardians