Gunners are the finest marksmen of Inadar, specializing in Pistols and Artillery.

 Pistols - These small guns deal damage quickly and are easy to handle. Unlike the larger Artillery, Pistols specialize in being fired while moving. This gives Gunners who wield Pistols the advantage of movement in any engagement.

Artillery - These massive guns deal massive amounts of damage. Artillery shots take longer to fire and aim due to their powerful nature, but will deal more damage per shot. Of course, this all comes at the cost of their mobility as Artillery users are unable to move while firing.


Gunners specialize in the use of Medium Armor. This armor is comprised mostly of leather, providing a fair amount of protection from their opponents while enabling the Gunner to move freely.


Gunner skills are broken into three categories: Common, Pistols, and Artillery.

  • Common - These are skills which are learned naturally when a Gunner attacks his enemies.
  • Pistols - These skills can be learned from Skillbooks and can only be used when you equip Pistols.
  • Artillery - These skills can be leanred from Skillbooks and can only be used when you equip Artillery.

Classes Gunner Skills

Notes: It's important that players thoroughly read skill descriptions before they place any Skill Points into the skill. Skills can only be reset through rare and valuable items.